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Sherlock Holmes Birthday Weekend 2003

Congratulations to Adventuress and frequent Muse contributor Sue Vizoskie who received her BSI shilling this January and is now known as Mrs. Saunders! The investiture from 3GAR is especially appropriate since Sue is one of the leading lights of that scion and is married to Alexander Hamilton Garrideb, a.k.a. Ben Vizoskie. Congratulations also go to ASH Janice Fisher who was named “The Woman” at the cocktail reception preceding the BSI dinner and was wittily toasted by ASH Sherry Rose-Bond. And, finally, frequent Muse contributor and ASH spouse Al Gregory received the BSI investiture of The Grimpen Postmaster.

The weekend began Wednesday evening with a convivial gathering of approximately 40 Adventuresses and friends at O’Casey’s. As is the custom, there was no program but plenty of good conversation and good food. Jim Cox, ably assisted by ASH Doré Nash, led the Morley Walk Thursday morning. Doré garnered rave reviews for her donuts and knowledge of all things New York. Thursday afternoon found many of us at the staged reading of Andrew Joffe’s dramatization of BLUE. Our own M.E. Rich delighted us in the dual roles of Mrs. Hudson and Maggie Oakshott.

This year’s Gillette luncheon, as always superbly hosted by Susan Rice with the assistance of Mickey Fromkin, honored Gillette’s 150th birthday. ASH and Gillette expert Susan Dahlinger gave a short presentation concerning Gillette’s revival tour and also provided the selection of Gillette correspondence read by Paul Singleton and Andrew Joffe. Unfortunately Sarah Montague Joffe was unable to attend, so the introduction to the program she had written was given by Susan Rice.

Elsewhere in this issue, you’ll read all about the doings at the Baskerville Bash, which we’re pleased to report also received coverage in a recent issue of the Wall Street Journal, along with other weekend events. Across town, at the BSI dinner, ASH played a major role in the program. Julie McKuras toasted “Dr. Watson’s Second Wife,” while Marilynne McKay explained what really happened during the Great Hiatus. M.E. Rich, a travel agent in real life, and Philip Shreffler provided a hilarious insight into Holmes’ booking travel for the hiatus. And birthday girl Marina Stajic introduced Paul Singleton’s entertaining Sherlockian version of Bob Newhart.

At Saturday’s cocktail reception, ASH Betsy Rosenblatt joined her father Al in giving the traditional poem about the weekend’s doings, while Evelyn Herzog proved that “good guys” do finish first when she won the raffle—a Scott Bond drawing of herself.

The weekend concluded on Sunday with approximately 60 Sherlockians gathering for brunch at Wylie’s. Hosted by Marina Stajic, the brunch had an international flavor. Marina conveyed greetings from Marcus Geisser, currently in Thailand, who had arranged to have small bottles of sparkling wine presented to all of the women present. Then Thierry Saint-Joanis, president of the Sherlock Holmes Society of France, announced the appointment of Catherine Nicolas-Egret as Directeur du Grand Depot de Paris. Catherine is the first woman director of the Society. To celebrate, the French delegation sang about four French women in the Canon and Jean-Pierre Cagnat did caricatures of the women. (Both songs and sketches will appear in the next Muse.)

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