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The Spring Dinner

2007   Approximately fifty Adventuresses and friends attended the Spring Dinner at Moran’s. The traditional toasts were given: Mickey Fromkin, The Queen; Peter Crupe, Irene; Delia Vargas, Holmes; Jeff Bradway, Watson; Elyse Locurto, Conan Doyle; and Ben and Sue Vizoskie, Friendship. Special toasts were given to three midsummer cases: Marilynne McKay, CARD; Susan Rice, BLAC; and Kate Karlson, LION. Featured speakers were Edgar winner E.J. Wagner and Bob Bousquet, followed by an hilarious presentation of “How Watson Learned the Trick” by the Raincoat Theatre (Sabina Hollis, Laurie Fraser Manifold, and Michael Pollak). The evening concluded with traditional ASH songs. We’ll have many of the toasts and presentations in issues of the Muse.



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