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The Spring Dinner

2005   Adventuresses assembled on May 28 at la Prima Donna, located (where else?) in the New York Theater District. Milling and thronging began at the bar, where we were especially happy to see Trish Pearlman up and about in a stunning aqua wig to match her dress. We dined in a much-appreciated private room, surrounded by familiar period illustrations and posters of prima donnas of the past: Irene Adler would have felt right at home. Principal Unprincipled Adventuress Evelyn Herzog officiated, eliciting rounds of applause for various ASH achievements over the past several months (and noted in previous editions of the Muse).

Toasts opened the program: Mickey Fromkin to the Queen, Margaret Fleesak to Irene Adler, and Jan Stauber to Sherlock Holmes. Glorya Wachs toasted John H. Watson and Becky Robare toasted Arthur Conan Doyle. In a toast to Canonical Friendship, Marilynne McKay addressed the cordial working relationship between Holmes and Mrs Hudson.

Papers were varied and interesting: Marina Stajic discussed “The Long Island Cave and Its Dwellers” and John Baesch told us about the Whiffenpoofs. Bob Katz gave one of his entertainingly freewheeling scholarly presentations, this one relating to “His Last Bow.” (Since Bob eschews notes, these gems tend to be lost to posterity, but this one was captured for Muse readers by Evy-on-the-spot with her little tape recorder.) The program ended in hilarity as Laurie Manifold and Catalina Hannan performed a send-up of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s On First,” as Laurie and Catalina vainly attempted to explain to one another “A Change in the Program” involving several prominent Adventuresses sharing the first name of “Susan.”

The evening ended with the usual songs (Aunt Clara, etc.) plus a new one from Mickey Fromkin. A rocking good time was had by ASH prima donnas and guests alike.

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