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The Spring Dinner

2004   Adventuresses and friends gathered on June 5, 2004 at Étoile—the bar was roomy, comfortable, and equipped with the requisite big-screen TV for viewing the Belmont Stakes—the final jewel of the Triple Crown. In honor of this event, two themes were chosen for toastng: the Sport of Kings and Canonical Crowns.

Kudos were awarded by Principal Unprincipled Adventuress Ev Herzog to upcoming publications by Susan Rice (BSI Christmas Annual on ASH) and Muse Co-Editors Susan Diamond and Marilynne McKay (Volume Two of Serpentine Muse-ings). June Kinnee had come the furthest (San Francisco), but Patricia Guy’s note from Italy logged the most milage. After the announcements came the “pop-up” toasters: Mickey Fromkin’s traditional salute to the Queen led off, followed by M.E. Rich to Irene, Carole Logan to Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Dean to John H. Watson, Michael Meer to Arthur Conan Doyle, and Al Rosenblatt to Canonical Friendship (a topic that ASH now commemorates regularly).

Kate Karlson addressed the theme of horseracing with an informative toast to everyone’s favorite horse, the longshot who pays off. Crowns were next on the agenda: Delia Vargas found her own triples in BERY, Julia Rosenblatt cited similarities in MAZA and SILV, and Philip Shreffler offered scholarly proof of the crown in MUSG.

In the guise of Mrs. Farintosh, Marilynne revealed “Opal Tiara” to have been that lady’s stage name, while the Golden Girls (Judith Freeman, Sandy Kozinn, Trish Pearlman, and Francine Kitts) described their misadventures with the ever-charming Dr. Watson.

The evening ended on a jolly note with voices raised for the traditional ASH songs: Ashenpoof, Reindeer, the Uffan Carol, and a galloping Aunt Clara. Lingerers reconvened upstairs at the bar and concluded that a good time had been had by all—except those who had placed big bucks on Smarty Jones.

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