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The Spring Dinner

2002 On June 1, 2002, approximately 60 Adventuresses and friends gathered at Caterina’s restaurant for the annual Spring Dinner. As usual, attendees came from near and far, traveling from California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, and New Mexico, as well as Canada. As always, our Principal Unprincipled Adventuress, Evelyn Herzog, coordinated the proceedings. The traditional toasts were as follows: Mickey Fromkin, the Queen; Joe Fink, Irene Adler; Sandy Kozinn, Sherlock Holmes; Lee Neuman, Arthur Conan Doyle; and Allan Devitt and Susan Diamond, John H. Watson.

Special toasts were given by Minnesotan John Bergquist to “Hungary in the Canon” and Philip Shreffler to those “not to be trusted.” The evening’s theme toasts recognized the cases which took place in June 1889. Francine and Dick Kitts explored life in the St. Clair household, Lynn Walker did the honors for BOSC, Kate Karlson (who knows a bit about engineers) toasted Hatherley’s thumb, and Elyse Locurto and Paul Singleton did a musical STOC to the “Babes on Broadway” classic “How about You?” (And here’s a question for Sherlockian film buffs: what notable BSI dinner guest appeared as himself in the film?)

M.E. Rich addressed the provenance of the Mazarin Stone and related topics with her usual wit and scholarship. Then Adventuress Isadora Klein (a.k.a. Marilynne McKay) regaled the audience with tales of her life and loves — Isadora’s, not Marilynne’s. The usual renditions of the classic ASH songs completed an evening full of humor, camaraderie, and a soupçon of scholarship.

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