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The ASH Autumn Members Meeting

The Autumn Dinner is for ASH and women Sherlockians. Some years we have it, some we don't.

The 2003 Autumn Members Meeting was held on Saturday, October 18, 2003 at Moran's, 130 Washington Street in the Battery district of Manhattan.

The 2002 Autumn Members Meeting was held on November 8, 2002 at Moran's at St. George Chapel in the Battery district of Manhattan.

The 2000 Autumn Members Meeting was a special celebration of Canonical women and featured a Victorian hamper of treats for the Birthday Girl, our Principal Unprincipled Adventuress.

"The Game is Afloat" Baltic Cruise 2001

Several Adventuresses enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes Society of Londonís 50th Anniversary Jubilee Cruise to the Baltic in August-September 2001.

The Sherlock Holmes Statue: London 1999

Adventuresses at the Return of Sherlock Holmes Statue Festival 1999 enjoyed the unveiling of the Sherlock Holmes statue at the Baker Street Underground station.