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Sherlock Holmes Birthday Weekend 2008

As is our custom, we’ll be reporting on those birthday weekend events that featured Adventuresses. On Wednesday night over 45 ASH and friends gathered informally at O’Casey’s. The high point of the evening was the presentation of ASH membership certificates to Adventuresses invested after the original certificates were made in the early 90s. Thanks go to the ASH design team of Laurie Fraser Manifold and Marilynne McKay for these and Dorothy Belle Pollack’s Poet Laureate award. (ASH not attending the weekend will receive their certificates by mail.)

Thursday morning, Doré Nash delivered the famous jelly donuts in Grand Central Station as she and Jim Cox led the Morley walk from the Algonquin to McSorley’s. Morleyites comment that the route changes a little each year as landmarks topple—see ’em next year before they’re gone!

As always, the Gillette luncheon was ably hosted by Susan Rice and Mickey Fromkin. Attendees were visited by the Gillettes themselves:  Tyke Niver as William Gillette and Teddie Niver as Helen. Al Gregory presented the Muse’s Jan WHIMSEY (Whimsical Humour Is My Speciality, Enjoy Yourself) Award to Warren Randall for “A Visit to 104 Berkeley Square,” a riff on  “221b.” The award, a handsome certificate and a check for $221, honors Al’s late wife, ASH Jan Stauber.

The program was a reprise of an original work by the Friends of Bogie’s, which was first performed at a 1984 ASH dinner. ASHes Andrew Joffe, Sarah Montague and Elyse Locurto, along with Paul Singleton, appeared in this delightful literary parody.

And, of course, ASH history was made as Principal Unprincipled Adventuress Evelyn Herzog invested nineteen men as full-fledged ASH, the first since 1991.

At the BSI dinner, Marilyn MacGregor toasted Watson’s second wife and Marina Stajic honored The Master. Sherry Rose-Bond read the Musgrave ritual, and Betsy Rosenblatt was a featured speaker. To top things off, Betsy received her BSI investiture as Lucy Ferrier and Sherry Rose-Bond received the BSI two-shilling award!

At the BSI cocktail party on Saturday, ASHes Kate Karlson, Elyse Locurto, and M.E. Rich all appeared in the Jerome Coopersmith play. Betsy Rosenblatt and father Al delivered the traditional year-end poem, and Mary Ann Bradley introduced The Women. Joanne Zahorsky-Reeves donated a made-to-order dressing gown for the BSI auction, and Patricia Guy provided a rare bottle of Italian wine and carrier for the raffle.


The Sunday ASH brunch at the Oldcastle Pub & Restaurant was the perfect ending to the weekend—thanks to organizer Judith Freeman.