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Sherlock Holmes Birthday Weekend 2004


Three Adventuresses received special honors during the New York Birthday Weekend. Francine Kitts received her Irregular Shilling with the investiture of Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope. In addition to her frequent appearances in the Muse, Francine teaches Canonical classes to older adults and is actively involved in many New York area scions.

Jan Stauber received the Beacon Society’s first annual Beacon Award. For 10 years, Jan has visited seventh and eighth grade classrooms to educate the students on Sherlock Holmes. Jan’s report on her work appeared in the Summer 2003 Muse.

The BSI awarded ASH Peter Blau “the Dr. John H. Watson Afghan Campaign Desk” in appreciation for his work as “society secretary, Sherlockian ambassador, and record keeper extraordinaire.”

Congratulations, Francine, Jan, and Peter!

Since the weekend is amply covered in other publications, our focus is on Adventuress activities. The festivities began with ASH Wednesday, an informal gathering of over fifty Adventuresses and friends at O’Casey’s restaurant. Thursday morning, ASH Doré Nash and Jim Cox led those willing to brave the elements on the Christopher Morley Walk.

On Friday, Susan Rice, along with Mickey Fromkin, hosted the William Gillette Luncheon. The Friends of Bogie’s provided the entertainment with Elyse Locurto joining Sarah Montague, Andrew Joffe, and Paul Singleton in a Sherlockian version of “The Miracle of Birth.” Carol and Ron Fish tell all about the 8th Baskerville Bash elsewhere in Muse Vol 20, number 2.

ASH at the BSI dinner lectern included Sarah Montague, Julia Rosenblatt toasting “The Woman,” Susan Diamond toasting Mycroft, and Sherry Rose-Bond, who closed the evening with a reading of Bev Wolov’s poem “The Woman.”

At the BSI cocktail party on Saturday, Mary Ann Bradley introduced “The Women,” and Betsy Rosenblatt, with father Al, provided the traditional verse on the past year’s events. The weekend concluded with the ASH brunch at the Baker Street Restaurant, coordinated by Marina Stajic.

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