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Sherlock Holmes Birthday Weekend 2005


As always, we’ll only be reporting on those events that involved Adventuresses because the remaining events are amply covered in other Sherlockian publications.

The 5-day “weekend” began with ASH Wednesday at O’Casey’s. Approximately 45 Adventuresses and friends gathered to socialize and enjoy excellent Irish fare. ASH Doré Nash and Jim Cox led the annual Morley walk on Thursday morning. On Friday, Susan Rice and Mickey Fromkin hosted the Gillette luncheon at Moran’s Chelsea Seafood Restaurant. Renowned Gillette scholar Susan Dahlinger spoke, and ASH Elyse Locurto and Paul Singleton provided their own witty version of an American (Sherlockian) in Paris.

Friday evening’s events were the Baskerville Bash and the BSI dinner. At the BSI dinner, Francine Kitts led the attendees in the Musgrave Ritual and Sue Vizoskie ended the evening with “221B.”

The next day at the BSI reception, ASH Betsy Rosenblatt and her father Al gave their annual poetic assessment of the weekend and the past year. Francine Kitts won the raffle, a stunning tea caddy  made by Joe Coppola. That same day many ASH and friends gathered for hors d’oeuvre and appropriate libations at Le Train Bleu in Bloomingdale’s, sketched by ASH artist Laurie Fraser Manifold.

The weekend concluded on Sunday with the ASH brunch, hosted by Judith Freeman. Over forty Sherlockians gathered at The Old Castle Pub and Restaurant to do what Adventuresses and their friends do so well: enjoy lively conversation while consuming appropriate refreshments. Also on Sunday many Sherlockians went on the BSI-sponsored trip to the Gillette Castle. There Susan Dahlinger spoke briefly on Gillette and introduced the great man himself (as portrayed by Tyke Niver). ASH Teddie Niver, in the persona of Helen Gillette, joined us at lunch, resplendent in authentic Victorian dress.


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