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The Baskerville Bash 2006

And the Oscar Goes to…

Ron and Carol Fish

The 10th Baskerville Bash was held again at the Manhattan Club on Friday, January 13, 2006. Eighty-four guests attended, ready for another rabble-rousing night of Sherlockian fun and games, as well as a sumptuous buffet. This year’s theme was “The Sherl-Oscar Awards,” presented by The Academy of Sherlockian Arts and Scionces.

Bash chairman Peter McIntyre opened the affair formally at 6:30 p.m. and turned the reins over to the night’s Master of Ceremonies, Chuck “Hollywood” Kovacic, who entertained the crowd with his creative sound effects and effusive personality.

Chuck screened scenes from various Sherlockian movies, assisted by Elyse Locurto as the “Sherl-Oscar Girl,” dressed in her best Grace Kelly attire. Audrey Epstein provided mood music during the presentations. Chuck also introduced a surprise guest making her first appearance in years on the live stage—none other than Norma Desmond (Maribeau Briggs). If Billy Wilder could see her now!  Norma presented several of the awards herself.

“Sherl-Oscars” were given in the following categories:

The Least Fearsome Hound of the Baskervilles

The man in a dog suit in the 1937 Hound—the winner, award accepted by Otto von Schultz (Drew Thomas in a dog costume);

The lethargic and affectionate Irish wolfhound in Dudley Moore’s Hound;

The computer-generated werewolf in the BBC Hound.

The Best Drug-Induced Hallucination in a Sherlockian Movie

Arthur Morstan’s opium-induced flashback in The Crucifer of Blood;

Nicol Williamson’s detox nightmares in The Seven-Per-Cent Solution;

Young Watson’s delectable dessert tray of animated (if murderous) treats in Young Sherlock Holmes—the winner, award accepted by Master Pastry Chef Henri la Bouffe, portrayed by Bruce Aiken.

Best Portrayal of Holmes and Watson in an Alternative Lifestyle

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s Holmes and Watson enjoying a private moment in Baker Street in Moore’s Hound—the winner, award accepted by the Alt Couple, Jim Hawkins and Ron Hosek;

A jealous Watson fearing that Holmes is fouling the nest in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes;

Holmes’ and Watson’s long-standing affection in the BBC Hound.

Most Shameless Display of Overacting in a Sherlockian Film

Nicol Williamson’s drug-crazed wreck in Seven-Per-Cent Solution;

A sex-crazed and sadistic Sir Hugo in the Hammer Hound;

Matt Frewer’s impressive array of acting chops (all bad) in the recent Hound—winner, award accepted by his acting teacher William Shatner (Chuck Kovacic).

Best Fight Choreography in a Sherlockian Film 

A duel to the death with an odd choice of weapons as Sherlock Holmes battles Moriarty on thin ice in Young Sherlock Holmes;

Michael Caine’s bungling Holmes crossing swords with Moriarty in Without a Clue;

Gene Wilder proving that the boot is mightier than the glove in Sherlock Holmes’s Smarter Brother—winner, award accepted by Master Bootmaker Garth Hazlett.

The Worst Disguise Featured in a Sherlockian Film

Nicol Williamson’s comic vagrant in Seven-Per-Cent Solution;

Charlton Heston wearing a rubber mask as an opium den owner in Crucifer of Blood—winner, award accepted by Heston (Chuck Kovacic);

The bearded Sherlock Holmes in The Case of the Silk Stocking.

Best Tribute to Doyle’s Obsession with the Spirit World

Weird and terrible doings on the moor in the 1939 Hound;

A spectral hound making an unearthly visit in yet another Hound;

Sherlock’s mother as a swindling con artist of a spiritualist, portrayed by Dudley Moore in his Hound—winner, award accepted by Mystic Medium Clairvoyant Swami Ben Yahoo, otherwise known as Karnac the Great (Richard Wein with turban and cape).

The Sherlockian auction, conducted by Billy (“W.C.”) Fields assisted by Velma White (Carol Fish), featured:

Joe Coppola’s handcrafted “Bash Box,” bidding won by Joanne Zahorsky-Reeves.

Two Sherlockian teddy bears in outfits designed by Joanne Zahorsky-Reeves, claimed by Judith Freeman.

A shooting script of The Seven-Per-Cent Solution signed by the author, Nicholas Meyer, won by Donald Petkus.

An Oscar-like statuette with deerstalker and pipe, executed by Chuck Kovacic, bidding won by Delia Vargas.

A A Cynthia Wein-created sweatshirt of the 2006 Bash pin (left) was raffled, and the happy winner was Nelda Richards. Ron Fish created a themed multiple-choice quiz, which was administered to the assembly. Participation was by table, and the competition was fierce. Ron almost needed his tie-breaker question:  Whose BSI investiture is the “Oscar” character in the Canon?* Miniature Oscars were given to all the participants at the winning table. The evening concluded with the singing of Jane Hinckley’s “Holmes’ and Watson’s Time,” and another Baskerville Bash became one for the record books.


* Irving Kamil (Monsieur Oscar Meunier of Grenoble)

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