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The Baskerville Bash 2004

Carol & Ron Fish

Approximately 85 guests arrived at the Manhattan Club at 6:30 p.m. to attend the Eighth Annual Baskerville Bash. After checking in and receiving packets of goodies, the guests spent the next hour milling and thronging, enjoying an assortment of hors d’oeuvre served by the Manhattan Club staff.

Chairman Peter McIntyre, in tails and top hat, began the program at 7:30 p.m. by introducing this year’s Bash theme:  The Music Hall Revue. Deborah Clark toasted the Master, Michael Pollak raised a glass to Irene Adler, Nancy Wrobel honored Paganini, and Bill Conway concluded with Carina.

Chairman Peter McIntyre, in tails and top hat, began the program at 7:30 p.m. by introducing this year’s Bash theme:  The Music Hall. Act I of the Music Hall began with Elyse Locurto’s captivating rendition of “She Was Poor, But She Was Honest.” The audience roared its approval. Maribeau Briggs demonstrated a most convincing English accent as the commissionaire’s wife when she sang “Don’t Have Anymore, Missus Moore.”

Jim Hawkins’ glorious voice was an instant success in his rendition of “She Was One of the Early Birds.” The multi-talented Audrey Epstein not only provided the accompaniment for the songs but also sang “Oh Sherlock Holmes, Won’t Ya Find My Lovin’ Man.” Susan Dahlinger brought the house down with her portrayal of Isadora Klein in Steven Sondheim’s “I Never Do Anything Twice.” Adorned in wings and wands, Carol Fish and Elyse were perfectly Doylean in their dynamic duet, “Nobody Loves a Fairy When She’s Forty.” In their first appearance at the Bash, the Bray brothers (John Patrick and Gregory Carl) sang “The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes,” a very entertaining song.

After the delicious buffet dinner, came Act II of the Music Hall salute. Catalina Hannan showed her Victorian bloomers as she kicked her way through a rousing “Ta Ra Ra Boom De Aye.” John Newton Bray, father to the illustrious Bray brothers, sang “My Old Dutch.” There’s no question where the talent comes from in this family.

Carol Fish portrayed the jilted bride in “Waiting At The Church.” She’s probably still waiting. Drew Thomas and Maribeau Briggs portrayed the happily married Ricolettis, as their repartee in “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” had the audience in stitches. Laurie Fraser Manifold sashayed through the crowd reminding selected gentlemen of their naughty endeavors in “Hold Your Hand Out, You Naughty Boy.” No male escaped Laurie’s attention.

After dessert, Ron Hosek announced the raffle winners: Peter McIntyre won a unique Sherlockian sweatshirt created by Cynthia Wein, and Bruce Aiken won a Victorian Songbook donated by Audrey Epstein.

The annual auction followed with Billy Fields acting as Auctioneer, assisted by Jan Stauber as Princess Betchabottomdollar. Don and Patricia Izban won the bid for an original Sherlock Holmes picture by Chuck Kovacic, Bruce Aiken took home a metal silhouette of the Hound donated by Brad Keefauver, Doré Nash got a deal on an Inverness cape hand-sewn by Joanne Zahorsky-Reeves, and Maribeau Briggs couldn’t resist a one-of-a-kind music box created by Joe Coppola.

A medley of music hall songs was performed with audience participation, ending with the traditional singing of “Holmes’ and Watson’s Time,” (to the tune “Auld Lang Syne,” lyrics by ASH Jane Hinckley). The Bash was adjourned at 11:00 p.m.

Photo: Elyse Locurto, Laurie Fraser Manifold and Catalina Hannan kick up Victorian heels at the Bash.

Credits and Acknowledgements:

Chairman ~ Peter McIntyre

Production Director ~ Maribeau Briggs

Music Director & Program Designer ~ Audrey Epstein

Stage Manager & Webmaster ~ Drew Thomas

Artist: Program Cover, Backdrop, Beer Steins ~ Laurie Fraser Manifold

Music Hall Decorations  ~ Catalina Hannan & Laurie Fraser Manifold

Restaurant Liaison ~ Delores Pekar

Registration  ~ Paula Perry & Linda Anderson

Bash Packets ~ Francine Kitts

Pound Notes ~ Judith Freeman

Lights & Sound ~ John Shrawder

Congratulations to committee members and participants!

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