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BASH 2001 in Review

Judith Freeman

The BASH was a SMASH! From the moment the guests arrived to a dining room gaily festooned with red and gold balloons sporting the paw prints of a gigantic hound, until we closed with everyone singing “Holmes and Watson’s Time,” there was non-stop fun.

The evening opened with slides of the Hound flashed on a screen to the theme music from the film 2001, “Thus Spake Zarathustra.” Maribeau Briggs then burst through the screen to welcome everyone to BBC Airlines, aided and abetted by flight attendants Francine Kitts and Carol Fish.

Toasts were given by: Beverly & Jerry Halm to Mr. & Mrs. Barrymore, Bruce Aiken to Dr. Mortimer, and Anne Cotton to Selden. Then Chuck Kovacic delivered a toast to the Hound that can only be described as outrageously hilarious, an instant classic.

During dinner Ron Fish announced the many scions represented at the Bash. There were 37 scions from five countries (six, if you count Texas). (Editorial note: the Muse Contributions Editor certainly does!)

The internationally famous and ever superlative Sherlettes and Sherhunks did two sets of songs (one before dinner and one after the skit) with original lyrics, which included such memorable numbers as “Selden’s Anniversary Waltz” and “Silhouette on the Tor”. During the singalong section, voices rose to match everyone’s spirits.

The Sherlettes and Sherhunks were led this year by Jan Stauber, Francine Kitts, and Carol Fish, and included Maribeau Briggs, Howard Einbinder, Helen Jaman, Selma Kamil, Elyse Locurto, and Drew Thomas – awesome one and all. A special thanks to Henry Boote for his assistance with both the music and technical support.

After dinner The Baskerville Buskers presented “This Is Your Life, Hugo The Hound”, which revealed many little known facts about the life of The Hound. The skit co-starred the suave John Shrawder as Birdy Edwards, Emcee, and Drew Thomas, who manfully got in touch with his canine side, as Hugo, the Hound. The lovely Elyse Locurto was the leading lady, playing a very sultry Shirley the Curly (haired spaniel).

They were skillfully supported by, in order of appearance, yours truly as Vittoria the Circus Belle (ret.), Peter McIntyre as “Percy” Selden, Allan Devitt as Toby, Warren Randall as “Ollie” Mangles and Trish Pearlman as “Stanlee” Ross. At the last minute, Jim Hawkins stepped in as Stapleton, earning the undying gratitude of the BBC (Baskerville Bash Committee). Marilyn Klatt served as the Cue Card Lady. And Jay Pearlman’s performance as Old Sherman nearly stole the show. The script was superbly written by Warren Randall (with a little help from his friends) and directed by Maribeau Briggs.

Technical support for the entertainment was provided by (Capt.) Ron Fish, Dolores Pekar, Will Walsh, and Betsy Rosenblatt.

The HUGO Award was announced, and I am honored to say it now has pride of place on my book shelf.

We raffled off a sweat-shirt with a beautiful, hand-painted rendering of this year’s logo, contributed by the talented Cynthia Wein. Billy Fields, Auctioneer Extraordinaire, assisted by the charming “Jana” Stauber, then auctioned items contributed by Joe Coppola, Catalina Hannan and Chuck Kovacic. A generous portion of the money raised will be contributed to the Watson Fund.

The success of the evening wouldn’t have been possible without the behind-the-scene work done by the rest of the BBC, including Paula Perry, Priscilla Ridgway, Lucille Scofield and Sue Vizoskie. Special thanks also go to Linda Anderson, honorary BBC for her support.

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