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The 2008 ASH Autumn Dinner

Over 50 Adventuresses and friends gathered for a Chinese Banquet at the S Dynasty Restaurant in the Radisson Lexington Hotel. Evelyn Herzog noted the loss of Adeline Skillman Tinning from the ranks of Adventuresses and welcomed ten new ASH to the fold:

Carol Cavalluzzi               The Agony Column

Nancy Minogue Dean     A Disreputable Statuette

Audrey Epstein               Allegro

Barbara Herbert             Pals of the Dook

Richard J. Kitts              The Lyceum Theatre (BSI: The Battered Tin Dispatch-Box)

Lyndsay Faye Lehner     The Fascinating Daughter of a California Millionaire

Joseph W. Moran          An Honourable Soldier (BSI: Sir Augustus Moran, C.B.)

Karen Murdock             May Blunder

E.J. Wagner                   The Record of Old Cases

Richard Wein                The Hans Sloane of My Age (BSI: Silver Blaze)

The traditional toasts were given to, and by, the following:k the Queen, Mickey Fromkin; Irene Adler, Paula & Mike Riezenman; Sherlock Holmes, Joe Moran; John Watson, Peter Crupe; Arthur Conan Doyle, John Baesch; and friendship, M.E. Rich.

Special toasts on the theme of our Chinese venue included Lynn Walker on General Charles "Chinese" Gordon, Philip Shreffler on Tibet, Al Gregory on Opium, and Marilynne McKay on Tea in the Canon (in the form of an open quiz). Bill Nadel spoke about Judge Dee and Bob Katz shared "A Tale of Two Portraits" after which favorite ASH songs were sung.



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