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The 2006 ASH Autumn Dinner

Approximately fifty ASH and friends crowded into the upper floor room at La Bonne Soupe on December 2 for the Autumn Dinner. Evelyn Herzog began by recognizing Trish Pearlman, Barbara Iris Van Buskirk, and Maureen Green—all of whom had crossed the Reichenbach since our last dinner. The traditional toasts followed: Mickey Fromkin—the Queen; Lee Ballinger—Irene Adler; Margaret Fleesak—Sherlock Holmes; Robert Bousquet—John H. Watson; Cynthia and Richard Wein—Arthur Conan Doyle (toast delivered by Cynthia); Paul Singleton—Friendship.

Then history was made as M.E. Rich, in conjunction with Evy, announced the opportunity for men to make an ASH of themselves. After the room returned to a semblance of order, Dr. Joe Fink gave us his unique views on the giant rat of Sumatra, followed by Allan Devitt and Susan Diamond presenting “Sherlock Holmes: The World’s Greatest Consulting Detective????” As always, the evening ended with the traditional ASH songfest.