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Happy Birthday, Evy!

A Report on the 2000 Autumn Members Meeting

by Paula Perry

The Autumn Dinner of the Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes was held on Friday, October 27, 2000 at the Chemist’s Club in midtown Manhattan. Subtitled “Ladies and Peter [Blau],” the evening began with the announcement of two new investitures: Sandy Kozinn as “Esmeralda” and Jan Stauber as “The Hotel du Louvre.” We then stood on the terrace for Margaret Hoffman of South Carolina, “The Hoffman Barcarole.”

An extensive series of Canonical Toasts and mini-papers formed the evening’s entertainment. First up was Mickey Fromkin’s traditional toast to the Queen. Next was Susan Rice’s toast to Irene Adler (in which Irene was equated to our Principal Unprincipled Adventuress); then Myrtle Robinson toasted the universal Sherlock Holmes, in rhyme, no less. Doré Nash toasted Dr. Watson, the very good man, followed by Sue Vizoskie’s tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Peter Blau, while toasting Sir Henry Baskerville, discussed Canadians in the Canon -- including Meyers of Toronto, Newfoundland dogs, and Mrs. Spence Munro, the only woman in the Canon to have set foot in Canada (“I’ve been a governess for five years in Halifax.”)

The next group of mini-papers was themed American Canonical Women. Mickey Fromkin did double duty in toasting Elsie Patrick of Chicago (“Lord, what’s a cubit?”); Catalina Hannan spoke about Effie Munro; and Elyse Locurto toasted Hatty Doran (“the Noble Woman”). This was followed by a costumed presentation in Italian by Maribeau Briggs as Emilia Lucca, with Nora Myers serving as her translator (“bello Gennaro”) -- you had to be there to appreciate it! 

In honor of Ev Herzog’s birthday, M. E. Rich organized a Victorian food hamper, to which all the attendees contributed. This “modest” container apparently weighed more than the Agra Treasure as it required two people to pick it up. The extremely surprised Evelyn unwrapped, exclaimed, and daydreamed about tasting the contents, which included delectables such as Victorian crackers, gin, mushroom “ears,” and tinned kippers.

The entertainment continued with a group of mini-papers on Noble Ladies. Judith Freeman spoke on Lady Beatrice Falder, followed by M. E. Rich and Marina Stajic’s ‘veiled’ double presentation on Lady Frances Carfax and Rose Spender in their joint coffin.

Naughty Ladies was the final group of women to be discussed. Francine Kitts discussed Mary Holder, the charmed Muggle; Carol Fish (attending her first ASH dinner) spoke about Isadora Klein, who was undoubtedly modeled on Lola Montez; Linda Anderson spoke about Beryl Stapleton, while Kate Karlson toasted Kitty Winter, the avenging angel.

The evening concluded with the traditional songs: Reindeer, Uffan Carol, Ashenpoof, and the world’s fastest rendition of Aunt Clara.


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